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At Tru-Peace we offer handcrafted "one off" designs for your business or personal requests. We are a local Idaho owned company that works with recycled products such as wood and glass for a variety of design purposes.

The Colecoast margarita glass is made from 100 percent recycled glass assembled with 200 degree food grade non-toxic apoxy to last the life of the glass. There are a variety of options to choose from which we are able to customize to your liking.

Each glass is hand made; "one off" pieces of art created for your specific needs and wants.

The Colecoast glass can be used for beverages or a centerpiece for your bar or as collection pieces for your home.

Glasses vary in size from 200ml, 375ml, 750ml and 1.75ml, other styles of liquor bottles are available as well for your liking..

Our glasses range from party glasses to wine goblets regular every day glasses. Every edge is rolled and buffed so no sharp edges are present. Colors range from clear to frosted and to brown. The Colecoast glass comes with custom upgrades such as design, emblem, coined, corked, or just plain if you prefer. Here at Tru-Peace we want to bring something different, something original and unique to Idaho households.


“I won’t say how big it was, but the glass they serve it in had a diving board on it. And they salt the edge of the glass with a paint roller.” -- Bob Hope

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